Thursday, March 18, 2010

My life since July... :)

Wow, I bet yaal are surpised to hear from me!!! Actually you're prolly not, since i prolly have no readers since I haven't updated in....a long

My mom told me that my dad wanted to see my blog so she showed him even though she said i haven't updated..she said i needed to put new pics up, so here I am.. although she didn't specify a new post decided to anyway!...

Well.... Last summer was incredible! I have never appreciated summer as much as last summer... i didn't do a whole lot, i didn't have a summer job...helped w/ the kids... furiously read as many books as i could cram into summer :) lol.. In August i think we went on a mini vacation up to Cambridge, OH w/ Jess & Bill & the kids (& mom and dad of course) was only 2 days or so, so not a real vacation, but all we had... we went to a couple malls... a life of Christ outdoor drama... the "Wilds" a place where you take a safari type ride and see lotsa wild animals... that's about it..

Sedona turned 6 in August, and I turned 20...Sedona started 1st grade at GBS/ACA in August... she's growin up! *sniff* School for me started in August after our annual (well 2nd and last for me) school boatride, lunch, whatever...kinda glad it's the last for me cuz after's kinda boring.... I started NUR 200 & Ethics.. i had heard mixed things about 200..some people said it was really hard some said it was easy...It's the Maternity/Pediatrics/Women's Health Semester...The stuff itself wasn't that hard but there was just TONS of one of our teachers was new and did NOT know how to teach! the first half of clinicals for me was women's health medsurg.. it really wasn't a "women's health" focus.. cuz we even had guy patients! Besides that my instructor HATED me & i'm not exagerrating.. she picks people she doesn't like and makes their life miserable... i could write lots more but i won't here... just glad i made it through.. (btw just so you know 2nd half, she got one guy kicked out of the whole school, several ppl kicked off the floor for the day, and at the end of the semester they removed her as a 200 clinical instructor, so it wasn't just me)... 2nd half i had OB and Peds.. Peds was great... it was at children's i was on the cancer floor, but i liked it! My instructor was GREAT! so nice & funny!! Ob was cool too.. i went to women's health OR one day... boring.. you've seen one OR you've seem em all!...i had a day in Labor & delivery, got to watch a c section and got to watch a baby born vaginally (a AWESOME experience to watch!)..we also had 2 postpartum days, kinda boring but another experience i guess... all in all the semester was really hard and stressful, i seriously thought i wasn't gonna pass, but thank God, final grades came out and i PASSED with a B!!!

In September, Cam started preschool (at the school Sedona went to preschool & kindergarten)... also Sept 24 we had a new addition to the family, Shane Craig Lambeth was born! I think he was 7 lb 5 oz but can't remember now! lol... I have lotsa pics on my Facebook if you haven't seen...

the rest of fall was pretty uneventful, my life was school and family and that's it, no joke...

Christmas break came & it was the most i've ever been ready for break, let me tell you! I read TONS of books and spent lots of relaxing time!!!

In January, I started my last big nursing class, NUR 201...i was VERY nervous, becuase 1- my awful experience in 200 and 2-i've heard that it's a horribly hard class.... i was sooo scared starting! I found out though the teachers are INCREDIBLE! They are an AWESOME team.... you feel like they want you to pass, whereas in 200 it felt like they were trying to fail us! Clinical wise, i had medsurg for 10 weeks, week 10 was last week... I had a AWESOME instructor! she was SOO nice and didn't make us feel nervous at all..our clinical group was great! We all bonded, felt like family almost.... This week i started psych clinicals..kinda nervous, the place is really nice, Linder Center, in Mason....

I have REALLY been enjoying this springier weather lately! I got SOOO sick of snow/cold! I'll just be glad when it gets even warmer & stays that way for a while!

Shane is really growing! He's really sweet! he gives kisses, has 2 teeth, rolls over, smiles & laughs a lot! He's a great baby.. He's almost 6 months old now!

Brice, how can i leave him out? he's the sweetest kid ever, kinda surprising since he's 2 but he's the best! SO cute too! he has 7 BIG boxes in his room waiting for his birthday and he's soo xcited abotu his boxes!! (he doesn't know what it is, but he loves his boxes!, it's just one big item btw not 7 little items)..him and Cam play in there.. well one day Sedona & cam were at school so it was just Brice & Mommy home... Jess heard a noise or something and went up to check on him, and i guess Brice had been playing on top of the boxes, in the process he knocked a picture off the wall or something... he had gotten a hammer and was nailing a nail into the wall to hang the picture back up, at 2 years old!!! I guess when he saw Jess he said "I fix it! I Bob the Builder!"...LOL....

Sedona informs you now that she is NOT 6, she is 6 1/2!! at school the summer b-day kids get to celebrate their half b-days at school, so ever since then she proudly announces she's 6 1/2... Cam is turned 5 next week... hard to believe he's growing up so fast too... well he's still tiny, but getting older so fast! lol...

Guess that's about it... hope you've enjoyed this post, cuz who knows when I'll post again.... I onlyl put a few pics on here (below) but i have tons on FB, so go look there..

Please pray for me with school if you think about it... have about 5 weeks (counting finals) left this semester, so pray that i'll pass & all that good stuff!

Cameron, 4 1/2, and Sedona 6 1/2
Brice was sleepy! 2 1/2 yrs


I LOVED this outfit Brice had on, thought he looked adorable.

My one & only niece! i get her from school on Wednesdays and one warm day we went down to the park...

And this is the little guy! i saw the st pats hats at kroger monday and couldn't resist, trying them on shane (the rest of the pics are on FB)
Well, that's all folks! :)

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